Fish Meal Plants

We offer various types of fish meal plants in cooperation with a group of experienced companies. Our main strength lies in medium and smaller size plants. Due to compact and light weight construction the plants are highly mobile and can thus be installed in containers or on board fishing vessels. The lean design of the plant as well as highly computerized supervising systems ensures low cost and reliable running of our plants. 

We offer plants with a capacity up to  300 m Tons/24h of raw material.

Multi Purpose Fish Meal Plants

The All-Purpose Offal Processing Plant, equipped with a 'LeanFish' Hot Air Dryer will produce first class LT-meal from all fresh marine and aquatic by-catch and offal.  Whereas raw material with a live oil content exceeding 2.5% must be subjected to oil extraction, the 'lean' material (below 2.5%) can be passed through a separate feeding conveyor bypassing the cooker and the press.  The fish oil is used as fuel, whereby the plant becomes self sufficient with oil for heating at a live oil content of 8-9% in the raw material. The operation of the plant requires two semiskilled workers per shift (only one when processing 'lean' material).

  • The plants are designed according EU and USA stadards and they are hygienic and industrially safe. 

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  • Custom maid solutions
  • Variable throughput
  • Low investment
  • Small footprint
  • Mobile solutions